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6066 GMC Trucks 5 Year Anniversary Jamboree
in June 2005 for more details.

Jolly's Old GMC Trucks Round Up 2002

Round Up Photos

This is only 12 of the photos from the Round Up, full size & more photos can be found @
~~~> Jolly's Round Up Photo Album <~~~

This event was held on Labor Day Weekend 2002 in Honeyville Utah. Two members of the 6066 GMC Trucks
Club showed up, both on Friday night. Rick stayed in a motel in Tremonton, & Tinker camped in my
back yard, Tinker had his girlfriend & dog along. Most of the guys from the Great Mountain Chevy/GMC
Truck Association showed up around 1:00 pm Saturday, six of the guys had trucks to show & with
the three of us from the 6066 GMC Truck Club we had 9 trucks for show, two of which came on trailers
as they were projects under construction. One of the Great Mountain guys camped out Saturday night,
so I two in my yard that night. It all turned out OK, I rented that port-a-potty & did manage to cover
the cost of that with what was send in by members of the 6066 GMC Trucks Club, but the biggest part of
that was covered by Tinker, he tossed in $100 to help cover cost. I sold a few parts off the parts trucks,
& collected a few bucks from the truck club members in donations, so I didn't go in the hole anyway.

Every one had a good time. We even took a trip down to the Calls Fort Water Park & Ski Lake Saturday
evening for those that wanted to take a dip. Hey Did I mention we even gave away Door prizes?

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