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GMC Big Block V6 Performance Upgrades

To get better Performance, the Holley 500 has been suggested for our use on the GMC V6
Engines. You can add a GM HEI unit if you're looking for reliability, (conversion
details on what's involved with a Buick Even Fire distributor to fit the GMC V6s are
listed below), & Bigger Exhausts Pipes. You could also upgrade to a bigger GMC V6 Engine.
These are a few things guys in the National 6066 GMC Truck Club have done to get better
Performance from the GMC Big Block V6 Engines. But a Sick Engine will still be sick.

Do A Compression Test First!

None of these Upgrades will help a sick or dieing engine, you engine should be in good
running condition before you attempted to do any of these thing to it. You really need to
do a compression test first, this is the quickest way to tell what condition your engine
is in. Remove all the spark plugs, install compression gauge in one cylinder, and turn
over engine with starter. Each cylinder should show 125 psi. & pressure should be uniform
at all cylinders, no more then 20 psi. between highest & lowest cylinder. If compression
is low in some cylinders, squirt engine oil through the spark plug hole & recheck. If
compression is higher with oil, you have bad rings, if not then you may have bad valves.

Better Exaust System

Dual 2-1/2 to 3 inch exhaust pipes is a nice improvement, and the 50 series Flowmasters Mufflers
sound great on these engines. So what will your truck sound like with these mods? Here is a
Sound clip from Justin Summers' Truck with 3-1/2 inch pipes. This sound Wave is 279kb!
To save this sound file on your computer, Right click on the link & then click on
"Save Target As...", then pick a place to store it on your computer.

Performance Upgrades For
Your GMC Big Block V6

Anyone with upgrades they have done to their GMC V6s send me as much info as you can & I'll add
it to this WebSite, & give blame or..eer credit to you. Also any links or photos you can send
would be a great help. To Send info to me, use the e-mail button below.

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