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6066 GMC Emblem Identification

GMC Grill Letter Emblems

GMC Grill Letters

1960-1965 Chrome Letters & 1966 Painted Letters

The Letters used in the Grill on GMC trucks 1960 through 1965 used the oval-shaped
"G" & "C" letters in the grill, with the letters being either all chrome, or all painted.

In 1966 the faces of the lettering were recessed with a red stripe in them. 1966 was the only
correct year for the squared-off letters in the grille, with red pin striping running through
the letters, & chrome or painted outside the pin striping.

GMC 1000-3000 Emblems

The Smaller GMC Trucks Built in the USA did not come with any series Number emblems, Just Engine emblems.

1960-1961 1960-1961
Smaller Trucks that were built in Canada did have series Number emblems, Here are 2 examples I have seen.

1960-1961 1960-1961 1960-1961
On the 1960-1961 GMC Trucks you would fine A Round V6 emblem mounted to the upper forward area of
the front fenders. These came Painted White, Red & Blue, on a Custom truck the emblem was Chrome, Red & Blue.

1962-1966 Chrome Emblem
The 1962-1966 GMC Trucks used a "V" shaped emblem mounted to the forward part of the hood.
These came Painted White, Red & Blue, on a Custom truck the emblem was Chrome, Red & Blue.

This is the V6 emblem used on 1968-69 pickups, the 2500 series being the 3/4 ton truck now.
The style of emblem was used on larger series V6 trucks up 7500-8500 series to 1974 and even
some Tilt cab 9500 series Detroit Diesel 6V-71N till 1975 -76.

GMC 3500-9500 Emblems

The 3500 & Larger GMC Trucks Built in the USA did come with any series Number emblem & Engine emblems.
The 3500 & Larger GMC Trucks used the same V6 engine emblems show above other than any shown Below.
The Series emblems could be found on the upper rear of the front fenders, or on B-models mounted
to the back edge of the door & on L-models on the cab behind the door & below the window.

These were wither Painted White & Red, or were Chrome & Red.
There are a 2 piece design, with the GMC being one part & the series number the other.
I guess if a person wanted they would add the GMC part of the emblem to a smaller truck.

The 1960-1965 GMC Twin-Six V12 Powered Trucks used A Round V12 emblem.
These came Painted White, Red & Blue. or Chrome, Red & Blue.

They are mounted to the lower point of the B-model Hoods or on the Doors of the L-models

In 1966 The Magnum engine was used in many trucks, so a new Magnum emblem was introduced.
This particular emblem was used in 1966 for the new E, H & J series trucks & was used only
for 2 model years 1966-67. The 637 V8 gas engine was introduced in 1966 as well. These emblems
were Chrome & Red with the lightning bolts & the word "MAGNUM" on them. Did they come painted? Need Photos.
There is also a plain version of this emblem with only a 6 in the oval, I need a photo of those.

Toro-Flow Diesel Emblems

In 1964 GMC Trucks introduced the Toro-Flow Diesel engine, therefore we have the new
Toro-Flow Emblems. They are "V" shaped emblem with w Swirl in the Oval and the words
"TORO-FLOW DIESEL" imprinted to the lower part of the oval.
These came Painted White & Red or the emblem was Chrome & Red.

The GMC "CUSTOM" Package

Custom Script Emblem used on Custom Trucks, there are Chrome with either Red or White paint.

The above photos show 1960-61 Custom Cab trim which runs down the back edge of door opening & across the back
of the cab. Additional custom chrome would include windshield seal chrome insert & body side molding spears.

1964-66 Custom Pickups & Suburbans.

The Chrome Grill and Bumper is found on mostly the "Custom" cab trucks, and they will have this
"Custom" emblem mounted to the cab behind the door. Some will also have a the extra cost trim
package around the windows, and others will have the Chrome trim down the side of the truck.
The Custom Package with extra cost chrome trim can be seen on the Truck above, Click on the
picture for full size view. The following is from the GMC Dealer handbook: Cab. Custom. No. 1846
includes front end bright metal equipment, (RPO 1304) and chrome hub caps, custom trim and interior
convenience group, RPO (0170). The Custom package is RPO 0113. RPO 0170 includes nylon seat fabric,
right hand sun visor, Left hand arm rest and fawn floor mat. RPO 1304 Front end bright metal
equipment, bumper, grill and headlamp panels.

Other chrome trim options offer in addition to the custom cab at extra cost are; RPO 0148 Bright Metal
Moldings, Front fenders and cab, not available with panel, includes RPO 0149. RPO 0149 pickup side
moldings, for use on Wide Side pickups, Includes Fender moldings RPO 0148.

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