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GMC "E" "H" & "J" Models

In 1966 GMC offered the "All New" Conventional Trucks, They came in both 92" & 114" BBC.
It also came with a Tilt or butterfly hood. GMC got the jump on the new body with the big
trucks but still offered the old style Conventional trucks as well. Also you could get a
Steel or Fiberglass hood. These where the "H" & "J" Models.
We are still looking for more info on these models.

I have seen a few of these trucks around, this White one was seen
in Salt Lake City Utah a few years ago.

The E-model was introduced in 1967, replacing the medium duty conventional 3500 & 4000 series
trucks. The new for '67 E's came in the V-6 powered EM, Chevy straight-6 powered ES, &
Toro-flow powered EG models, in 4500, 5500, & 6500 series trucks. The E's used the heavy
duty H & J series cabs & sheetmetal, with narrower front fenders. These trucks were not
shared with Chevrolet, who used 1967 modified light duty cabs on their medium duty C-50,
C-60, & C-65 series trucks. The E's never offered the Magnum V-6's, only the 305E, 305C,
& 351C. There were not any tandem axle models. The E's only laster through the 1969 model
year. In 1970, they were replaced with the Chevy medium duty C series trucks, though the
GMC versions of these trucks were offered with the V-6's along side the Chevy 6's & V-8's.

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