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6066 GMC Truck Hoods ID

There is what looks like 4 (four) hoods that will fit on these trucks, 1960-61 GMC,
1962-66 GMC, 1960-61 Chevy, & 1962-66 Chevy, All will fit any of the trucks. I have
seen a 1960 Chevy hood on a 1965 GMC & a 1962-66 GMC hood on a Chevy.
Replacement GMC turn lamps were not made tell just last year, so most folks
restoring a GMC switched over to the 1962-66 Chevrolet hood.

The Hoods on the 1960 & 1961 GMC's were identical, with the two large ovals in the
leading edge of the hood, integrated with a gap across the entire front of the hood.
They had the opening coved with a wire mesh. Small rectangular park/turn lights were
placed on this wire mesh off center to the outside, one could say the lights looked
to be floating in the pods. This hood should only be found on series "N" trucks. I
have installed a 1960-61 Hood on to my 1965 GMC ont ton, it matches the lines of
the Dealer installed GMC Brush Guard I found.

1960-61 GMC Hood

1960-61 GMC Hood

1960-61 GMC Hood
on a 1965 GMC

1962 through 1966 had what looked like the same hood. 1962 had Clear front turn signal
lenses. 1963 through 1966 used Amber lenses. From what I have found in doing this page
is that in 1963 a federal law required Amber front turn lamps. 1962-1966 parking lamps
were tapered on the inner edges, had no surrounding bezels & clipped into the openings.
For more info on how to remove these lamps & rewire your Park lamps into Marker lamps,
see the GMC Park Lamps Page.

1962 GMC Hood
w/Clear lens

1963-66 GMC Hood
w/Amber lens

1963-66 GMC Hood
w/Amber lens

There is really 6 (Six) hoods that will fit on GMC Trucks. The latching system was changed
some time between 1962 & 1965, (my guess would be 1964 when the cab changed), as I found
out when I installed the 1962 hood on my 1965 GMC & it would not even come close to latching.
Notice the difference here in these photos of the 1962 & 1965 GMC Hood latche systems.

1962 GMC Hood
on My 1965 GMC

1962 GMC Hood
Latch Area

1965 GMC Hood
Latch Area

Full Size Pic of Pins

Full Size Pic of latches

Full Size Pic of latches

This is how the 1962 Hood looked on my 1965 GMC. You can't just switch the lathes on the
hoods, as the area they mount to on the hood is also different. I tried to do this & found
that the latch from the 1965 hood will not fit the latch opening on the 1962 hood. I had to
get the longer latch pin from the 1962 donor truck. You have to make sure you get the latch
pin from the donor truck too. What this means is that there are THREE GMC hoods used on
these trucks & not two as it may look. I'm pretty sure that same would be true for the
Chevrolet Truck hoods as well.

Also if a 1960-61 GMC Truck was wrecked & needed a new hood, chances are it got a 1962-66
hood (also true for Chevy) as 1960-61 hoods were no longer built or in stock. Most folks
back in the '60s didn't like the 1960-61 hoods & many got changed for that reason alone.
I have seen one Chevy with a 1962-66 GMC hood, but in most cases you'll find the 1962-66
Chevy hood used on most restored trucks, if you can call it restored with the wrong hood.

Chevrolet Truck Hoods ID

I don't cover Chevrolet Trucks on this site, but due to the fact that many of the GMCs have
had Chevy Hoods installed I figured this info needed to be here so Owners with the wrong hood
can see what they may have & what they should have. So here is the info for Chevy Trucks.

1960 Chevrolet Hood

1961 Chevrolet Hood

The Hoods on the 1960 & 1961 Chevy's were identical, with the two large ovals in the
leading edge of the hood. In side these ovals are small rectangular park/turn lights
placed on Steel insert in the middle of the pods. The Insert was different both years,
with 1960 having small vertical bars on either side of the lamp & 1961 a horizontal bar
through the middle of the openings.

1962-66 Chevrolet Hood

1962-66 Chevrolet Hood

1962-66 Chevrolet Hood
on a GMC Truck

This is by far the most common hood found on these trucks today. The 1962-66 Chevrolet
hood follows a lot of the same rules as the GMC Hoods above, with Clear lamps in 1962,
& Amber use on 1963 & newer. The lamps screwed on from the back side of the opening &
they have a chrome surrounding bezels one the out side of the hood. The lamps are smaller
then the GMC lamps & better protected from damage this way. The Chevy hood has
smother look across the front then the GMC hood.

Custom GMC/Chevrolet Hoods

1962 GMC Hood
w/lens holes filled in

1962-66 Chevrolet Hood
with opening filled

Here are two differant ways to get a custom look by filling in some or all the opening
across the front of the hood. The GMC Hood has just the turn lamp holes filled, the
Chevy hood has had all the opening across the front filled in.

Chevrolet LCF Trucks Hood ID

There is also some Chevrolet LCF Hoods, but they wont fit a pickup, as they are 15 inches
too short. Here are some photos of them, basicly they are the same as Chevy hoods above
only shorter, so the Chevy info above cover these too.

1960 Chevy LCF Hood

1961 Chevy LCF Hood

1962-64 Chevy LCF Hood

LCF Hoods Too Short

GMC Trucks also had a LCF truck built in Canada, their hoods would be same as the
GMC Trucks only shorter like the Chevy LCF hoods. To date I have not seen any
GMC LCF trucks in preson or on the web.

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