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GMC L-Model Trucks

The L-Model is the 72 inch Steel Tilt Cab Truck. These trucks came with GMC V-6, Twin-Six V-12,
or V-8 gasoline, Toro-Flow diesel, Detroit Diesel Engines. I need more info on these trucks,
if you have any, Please e-mail me, use button below. This truck Was the same for many years
& was sold into the late 70's.

I'm still in need for some good photos of these trucks, & I'm still rounding up info for the page.
But here are a few photos to hold you over. Many of these were used as
Fire Trucks, & many are still in use today.

1960-66 L-Model Fire Trucks

These Two Firetrucks have had the cab roof removed fro an open cab. I never understood why
they did this & now they can't have a truck with an open cab.

A 7000 Series GMC L-model would have the Twin-Six 702 cid, V-12, gasoline engine, which develops
250 horsepower @ 2300 rpm, powers this truck. It features a one-piece engine block, crankshaft,
& camshaft. It also has four heads, four exhaust manifolds, & twin intake manifolds & carburetors,
which were carried over from the V-6, 351 cid engine.

More info can be found on the by clicking on the Truck Icon

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