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1960-1966 GMC Light Truck Maintenance Manuals

These are the Five Maintenance Manuals that cover the 1960-1966 GMC Light Trucks,
such as Pickups, Suburbans, & One Tons. They also cover Models up to & including
5000, which are better known as 2 1/2 ton trucks. You will find that there is ONLY
Three Full Manuals & Two Supplements. The manuals came out in 1960, 1962, & 1965.
Supplements Added the NEW info needed for 1963 & 1964.

GMC Did not put out a new manual every year, just when they made a series change, & then
some were just a Supplement to the Manual before. All GMC Manuals will have a number
in the upper right hand corner, This will be an "X-" number like X-6023. From what I
have seen this number will give you the year & What the Manual covers. So 6023 would
be the 1960 manual the covers models 1000-5000. All mine GMC Light Truck Manitenance
Manuals have 23 as the last two numbers, so 23 is for "Manitenance Manual models 1000-5000".
The first two numbers will give you the year the manual was for. 1963 was the first year
for a supplement, so for that year you need both the 1962 manual & the 1963 supplement.

So here is what you need for each year of truck in the way of manuals:

X-6023 1960-61 GMC Light Truck Mainttenance Manual X-6223 1962 GMC Light Truck Mainttenance Manual

{1960 & 1961 or "N" series X-6023} {1962 or "J" series, X-6223}

X-6323 1963 GMC Light Truck Mainttenance Manual Supplement X-6423 1964 GMC Light Truck Mainttenance Manual Supplement

{1963 or "G" series, X-6223 & X-6323} {1964 or "F" series, X-6223 & X-6423}

X-6523 1965-66 GMC Light Truck Mainttenance Manual

{1965-1966 or "F" series X-6523}

If you look at the first page, it will list what series & dates they cover.
X-6023, models 1000 thru 5000 series N
X-6223, models 1000 thru 5000 "J" series & "N" series built after August 14, 1961
X-6323, models 1000 thru 5000 "G" series & "J" & "N" series built after September 4, 1962
X-6423, models 1000 thru 5000 "F" series & "G" & "N" series built after September 3, 1963
X-6523, models 1000 thru 5000 "E" series & "N", "G", & "F" series built after August 17, 1964

Now I know someone will be asking how they can tell what series truck they have, just look at
the vin number on the tag in the door frame, (sample number) 2505ZF2807B would be a series
"F" truck, the 2nd letter after the first set of numbers if the series letter.

These are the Manuals you will need to work on your truck if you have the V6 engine still in the
Engine Bay. If you have a small block V8 you may also use a Chevrolet Manual. You can find
these being auctioned off on eBay, this is were I found allmost all the manuals I have. If your
not Sure how to find them on eBay, chick here ~~~> eBay 1960-1969 GMC Manuals Search <~~~ .

Other 1960-1966 GMC Light Truck Manuals

There are a few other manuals you mite need, like if you have an Automatic Transmission, Handi-Van,
or Step Van. GMC printed X-6424 for the Handi-Van when they can out in 1964, & if you had one with
an Auto Trans, then you needed four manuals, X-6223, X-6423, X-6424, & X-6303.

X-6424 1964 GMC Handi-Van Maintenance Manual Supplement X-6303 1963 Pow-R-Flo Trans Manual

{X-6424 Handi-Van G-1000 Manual} {X-6303, 1963 Pow-R-Flo Trans Manual}

GMC Put out a lot more manuals then seen here, Most all I have have an X-number on the
cover. I have yet to figure out what all the manuals are. If you would like to see more of my
collection of manuals, there is a picture index, Click on the picture below, then just chick
on the line to see what the cover looks like. If you would like more info about a manual that
would work for you truck, use the e-mail button below & ask me, be sure to include year &
model of your truck in you questions.

NONE of the Manuals seen here are for sale, this is my personal collection. If you need a manual
look below for the eBay search link. This page only covers the manuals I get asked about all
the time, which are the GMC Light Trucks, but I do have info on some of the others so
please fill free to ask me question.

Don't buy the Chevy/GMC Assembly Manual, expecting to find Any GMC info,
Look at what it really is:

6066 Chevrolet Assembly Manual

It's a COPY of the Chevrolet Assembly Manuals, It has "Chevy/GMC" on the cover because they didn't
know any better. This Manual was put together by Golden State Pick Up Parts in 1993, & from what I
can see, it is all Chevrolet & was no GMC Drawings in it. It's OK if you looking at the body
but the wiring, dash, & engine bay info would be of little if any use to a GMC Truck Owner.

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