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1960 Chevrolet L60 Viking LCF

1960 Chevrolet Viking L60 Low Cab Forward Truck (LCF). It has a 400 cid Chevy Small block, 4-speed
transmission and a two speed rear axle. The Vin Number is 0L613S113827. It was use to tow mobile
homes in a past life, which is why it has this weird looking bed.

I picked up the truck on May 30 2003 and hauled it home on my 28 foot gooseneck trailer behind my 1994 GMC
3500 Dually. When I started up the ramps, I could not see anything but sky, and the guy that was giuding
me bailed off!!!, I had about a 8 inches on the passenger side and was on the edge on the drives side.

The plans for this truck now are to convert it into a GMC LCF model truck, I have started stripping it
down to the bear chassis, which at that point is not any different then a GMC model for this year. I'm
looking for a GMC B-4000, any year & the front Clip from a Chevy LCF any year. the front clip on my truck
is too rusty to deal with and need to be replaced. If I can't find a LFC front clip, then I'll just use a
GMC B-model front clip and just have to get use to living eith a GMC B-model truck instead. As for engines
it well get a GMC V6 of some kind, maybe ever the DH478 Toro-Flow I have in storage.

November 8, 2008: Today I figured I would see what it would take to get the front end off the Viking.
It started out the day looking like this, then parts stared to fall off.... First the fenders.....
Then the grill and support... Then the rad and support.... Then the inner fenders....

November 8, 2008: Well another Day of not much to do, so I got some work done on the tear down of my truck,
today I got that big ugly chuck of scrap matel called a bed off of it. Well it looks better to me with
out that bed, but the cab still has to go too, it just to rusty to use. But for now this is how I'll be
leaving it for the winter, I got it pushed out of the way and ready if snow come.

What I'm Saving

"Torsion Spring" Independent Front Suspension

Here are photos of this "Torsion Spring" Independent Front Suspension. These were used by Both GMC & Chevy
from 1960 to 1962, then they drop them in favor of the solid front axle with leaf springs. In the fourth
picture you can see the Torsion Bar running along the frame to the upper control arm. This give this
trucks a lot smother ride then the leaf spring do. this set up is rated for 5000 lbs.

GM H-150 2-Speed Rear Axle

A lot of folks don't realize that there is a little vacuum operated Hi/Low gear set on the Speedomeder cable, its
mounted under the dash to the firewall on my truck. {2nd photo} If one looks at the pic you can see there is
something missing here, the vacuum device that operates the little arm is missing the rod. The 2-Speed on this
truck is all vacuum operated. In the last photo below in the red circle is the vacuum line that should be hooked
up, but has a bolt stuck in the end of it. Also in this pic you can see the vacuum manifold that split the vacuum
to the two speed & brake Hydro-Vac under the cab. the 3rd photo is the 2-speed switching mechanism that is operated
by pushing or pulling the knob that is mounted on the shift leveler.

The optional rear axle is a GM H-150, 15,000 lbs, 2-speed, offers ratios of 6.40:1 and 8.72:1 controlled by
a smooth-acting vacuum shift system. A planetary gearset furnishes the additional torque multiplication
with the axle in low range. In high range, the planetary locks up the differential carrier and ring gear.
Full-floating axle shafts are induction-hardened.

FOR SALE: Chevy 400 Small Block: $500

This engine is still in the truck, its a Chevy small block V8 400, casting number 330817 shows it to be a
1972-1980 engine. Bring your tools, cash and it's yours ~ $500. Come get this engine before winter sets in,
its ready to be pulled from the truck. This engine was last ran last summer (2007), I didn't run it this year
because the fuel went bad and the transmission is gone, but hey the trans is gone so that less work for ya to
remove the engine, also NOW the entire front end is off the truck!!! I have lifting equipment to remove it
from the truck once its unbolted. Engine is located in Honeyville Utah, which is north of Brigham City,
we are between exit 365 & 372 off I-15. Click on the Contact button Below.

[More Photos Here]

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