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What's This Old GMC Truck Worth?

I get asked this question a lot, I have a web site about old GMC Trucks so that makes me an
expert, Right? WRONG!!! I REALLY DON"T KNOW!!! but I would like to try to put my answer
down here on this web page to try & save you some time. There is no really good way of tell the
worth of a OLD &/or Classic Truck, not that I have found anyway. Ask the following questions
when looking at the trucks, either to yourself or the owner of the truck. Does it run? Is it
all there? How much work will it take to get it running? How much work will it take just to
get it HOME?!!! All this & more will change the worth, but it all comes down to,

"How Much Are You Willing To Pay?"

Example #1
Trucks that are For Sale.
How much does the owner want? $2500? Are you willing to pay that much? Can you talk the guy down? What kind of shape is the truck in? Any major parts missing, like engine, transmission, rear end? What's the mileage? What was the truck used as, Firetruck, farm, city, county, or state roads? This is your best bet at getting a truck, just be careful & check out every thing to made sure all the parts are there.

Example #2
Trucks NOT FOR SALE, & STILL in use on a farm.
If they have the truck & are using it in any way, it will be worth more to them, because they would need to replace it if they sold it. It may have been on this family's farm from the time "Grandad" bought it new." It may be for sale but only for the price of a newer one to replace it. How much are you willing to spend on an old well used farm truck?

Example #3
Trucks NOT FOR SALE, & NO LONGER in use on a farm.
I tried to buy this truck, I tracked down the owner, talked to him for some time about this truck. His dad bought it new, been in the family all it's live. It was not for sale, not even to someone from the area. I was told that "It Ran When It Was Parked", & that he did not want to sale it because he mite need to use it again sometime. I Guess this truck was priceless to the owner.

Example #4
Trucks rotting in a field.
Sometimes the trick here is finding who owns the truck, & not how much does the owner want for it, he may just want it hauled away. If they have the title they most likely will want something for it. Most of the time this will be their spare parts truck. Spending some time growing up on a ranch, I use the parts off the trucks in the fields to repair ones that was still in use. This truck may not be worth anything as all the parts have been robbed.

Example #5
Trucks in Salvage or Junk Yards.
Some yards will not sell complete trucks. You may be in luck if you just need the cab & front clip, but be ready to pay big bucks here. Truck parts are worth more than whole trucks. A truck wrecking yard is a good place to find parts you need, so don't over look them. Also some yards, like the one P{ictured here, is just someones collection of junk trucks, they have built up here over the years.

Example #6
Trucks that are behind a business.
Now if it is just sitting in someone's way, they may tell you just get it out of here. Mostly it will be a back-up truck, or the first truck being saved for future restoration. May be it was just there when they moved in. Ask around & offer to pay them to haul it away.

Example #7
Trucks in someone's drive way.
Project trucks are sometimes hard to get the owner to sell, it may have been sitting in his yard for years, or he mite be working on it & driving it at the same time, so most of the time they are not for sale. This truck was worth $500.00 when the owner had to move & could not take it with him. Also Hard times will lower the worth of a project truck to it's owner & he may sell it to get some quick cash.

Example #8
Trucks FOR SALE at Truck Shows or on the Internet.
This Truck was For Sale at some truck shows and on the web. The price the Owner of this truck was asking for it was a lot more than it was when new. But much work & Money was put into it to get it looking this nice. Are you willing to pay what the seller wants? If so You can walk away with a turn key truck. eBay is a good Place to find Trucks on the Iternet.

Example #9
Trucks FOR SALE at Swap Meets.
I seen this 1960 Chevy Viking L60 at the Swap meet in Orem Utah in 2003. This Truck was For Sale, the asking price was $1500, but I talked the Owner of this truck down to $1000. He had no plans of restoring it & just wanted it out of his way. Swap meets are a good place to get a project truck, the owners are willing to deal.

Example #10
Trucks seen sitting in the same place forever.
This truck looks good & looks to have been in use as a Fire Truck, but it has not moved for years. Trucks like this may be hard to find an owner for. If the owner is found he most likely won't want to sell. It may be worth more to him to have it sitting there than you are willing to pay. Also Fire Trucks Make Good Project Trucks, they are kept inside most of the time & have Low mileage.

Example #11
"Trucks NOT FOR SALE, & no longer in use on a farm".
This is the same as Example #3 above, expect that the framer would sell this truck. He wanted $400.00, I know this because that's what the farmer told me. He also told me he had no title for it, it had not run for many years, & that he wanted the bed off of it before I could take it. So now besides the $400.00, you will need to put in some time removing the bed. Also you would need to spend time diggin' this old beast out of the years of dirt built up around it. Then getting it loaded on to a trailer, if you have one, & hauling it home. By the way, if you don't have a trailer, get one before you go looking for the truck. This truck Was not worth all the trouble it would be to get it, at lest not to me.

Example #12
Trucks that are For Sale
This is the same as Example #1 above. This truck looks good & looks to have been in use as a Farm Truck. It's a 1964 GMC one ton, with a broken engine & Ohio grain dump bed. The guy wants $1800 for the Ohio grain dump bed & is letting the truck go with it. Are you willing to pay $1800 for a broken truck?

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