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Suburban Barn Door Cargo Lights

Article by Craig Ueltzen

I was camping years ago by Mt. Adams WA. The dome lights cast some light out the rear, but
ended in a sharp shadow about five feet out. Six feet from the back of the Burb was a
large boulder, & as I was carrying an unlit Coleman lantern, my feet found it & I splatted
face down. After replacing the trashed mantles, I thought of these handy lights to put on
the truck for next trip out. These could also be mounted underneath a tailgate upper door.
Put them on the outside edge facing backwards with the gate up, to do the same job.

Run power to the master light, then run a wire to the slave light, & hook to the switch.
The first door to open has the light switch that turns both on. The closed left door
helps light the interior.

I used RV porch lights for this one. They are down angled just right. These light up a nice
circle of light behind the rig at night. Since the tail lights are covered from behind
with the doors open, they make the rig more visible from the rear if you
are on the side of the road too.

A closer view of the master light. The switch turns on both lights. RV supply stores sell
both types. Buy one with a switch, & one without.

Since my 1965 Burb is built like an armored car, I cheated with the wire run. Instead of spending
hours running the wires inside of spring tubes, I used coiled cords to power the lights.
I ran the wiring inside the door itself though.

The coiled cords hang out of the way with the doors shut. I used metal 'P' clamps to hold the
wire, & rubber grommets to run through the door panel. There is a spring tube on the left
door for the license light wiring, but it's not accessible from anywhere inside the panels.

Pickup Cargo Lights

Anyone care to do this project? Write it up as you go along & take pictures.

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