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Cornering Light

by Craig Ueltzen & Jolly Goodfellow

In aviation terms, this is known as a turn-off light. You land, slow down, then use the turn-off
lights to find the nearest taxiway, (as in turn-off of the runway) A turn-off (cornering) light
is handy on the road too. Most fancy new sedans and SUV's have them. Why should classic truck
owners be left in the dark? Wire this up, and find those turns at night!

Find a large capacitor at the nearest surplus store. Most power supplies have them. You want at least
50,000 uf (micro farads) and rated 15WVDC or higher. The diode is a 6 amp rectifier type that you
can get at Radio Shack. The Capacitor is charged through the diode as the turn signal flashes. It
then discharges into the relay, and will keep the relay on for a few seconds after the turn signal
is off. The bigger the capacitor, the longer it stays on. 50,000uf is good for about 3 seconds. Tap
into the low beam wire so the cornering light operates with the low beam headlights on. High beams
light the road good enough to negate the need for a cornering light, and if traffic is oncoming, you
can't use the brights to find the turn anyway.  A left turn is farther across the road, and easier
to see at night with low beams. It's the right turns that are hard to see on a pitch black road. That's
why I only did the right side on my truck.

I use a 4 inch flood light for the turn-off light. It lights up the side of the road big-time during turns.
And the big swath of light across the next freeway lane leaves little doubt that the big Burb is coming
on over! You can also use the turn signal if you are searching for something in the ditch at night.
Guess who the guy with the camera is?

Under the hood in the front corner.
I used a capacitor with extra unused terminals and they made handy tie points. If you can find one
with the original mounts, it makes it much easier the install. I've done this same circuit a few times
for friends, and some end up taped together and stuffed behind the headlight housing. Note the air horn
bells. They are 15 & 16 inch blasters for the idiot that doesn't notice the swath of light as
I change freeway lanes.

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