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Rear Fog Light

Do you live in an area that has heavy FOG in the winter? We all know that Good Fog
Lights help you see better in the fog, snow and just bad weather in general. But what
about that guy coming up on you from behind, Can he see you? You know in Fog you will
see headlights of oncoming cars before you'll see the taillights to cars you are following,
so this project is to make you seen by following traffic sooner in the heavy fog. I have
been told by more that one person that They've had rear fog lamps available in
Europe for some time now.

You'll need only one light on the back of your truck for this, install it on the drivers side.
I used a housing from a John Deere Tractor and a Red GE 4411R, 12 volt 35 watt Auto/Tractor
bulb like used on fire-trucks. You can get lights like this from any good parts house. This
light will be bright, so only use it in heavy fog, as a side note, most fog lights you can
use on the front are 55 watt. You will also need a DPST switch, a small Bosch relay
& some wire. You should be able to get most of these parts from a parts house.

Install the Lamp on rear drivers side of your truck, install the switch in dash and install the
Bosch relay behind the tail light. Run a power wire from the fuse box that only has power
when the key is in the on position, to one side of the switch, this will keep you from running
down your battery if you forget to turn it off. Now run a wire from the other side of the
switch to the Bosch relay post #86. Now run a wire from post #85 to ground. Run the power
lead from the rear fog lamp to post #78 on the Bosch relay. Be sure to ground your rear fog
lamp. Now find the Tail Light wire in the truck wiring loom, in most cases it's the brown
wire. Tap into this wire with another wire and run that to post #30 on the Relay.

Here is the wiring diagram for this project, Click To Enlarge. If you have it hooked up
right, the rear fog light should only work with the key on and the tail lights on.

A DPST switch is a on-off switch with two post or Double Post Single Throw Switch.

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