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Custom GMC Instrument Cluster

Ever want to build a Custom Instrument Cluster for your GMC Truck? There are some different
ways to do this, one way is to buy a kit, one Supplier has kits Just for 60-66 GMC Trucks.
Boese Engineering is one of the finest "State of the art" CAD-CAM design & CNC computerized
milling companies in the nation. They specialize in custom billet alumium dash inserts &
gauge panels for the most popular models of Street Rods, Classic Trucks & Classic Cars.
See Boese Engineering. Click on the work "search" to the left, Then put "GMC" in the
box. They have 5 different bezels to choose from. Thanks to Ed Snyder for this info.

I built a Custom Instrument Cluster for My 1965 Project using mostly Stock GMC Instrument
Cluster Components. I found a Dash Instrument Cluster panel in a 1963 GMC 4000. These will
fit into the dash opening in the smaller GMC Trucks, just be sure to get both of the
plugs on the back with long tails of wire, & all the parts need to make the tachometer
work from the back of the engine. The big trucks with a tachometer will have an all
mechanical tachometer driven off the back of the cam.

Above you can see Both the 1962-66 GMC single Cluster (rear), & the GMC Big truck Dual
cluster (front). The back side of the Clusters look very much alike.

The 1962-66 GMC Instrument Cluster has the following gauges: Water Temp, Speed-o-meter,
& Fuel gauge. I removed this cluster from the back side of the panel & used in as is.
This will replace the Right cluster from the big truck set up & be hooked to the
stock wiring plug in the dash.

The Left Cluster of Big Truck Panel as found had the following Gauges; Oil pressure,
80 mph speed-o-meter, & dealer installed Amp gauge. The Right Cluster of Big Truck
panel had the following gauges; Water Temp, 4000 rpm tachometer, Fuel gauge. My
goal here was to leave the Right cluster pretty much as it was from the pickup so
the stock wiring will hook right up. The Left cluster will need to have wiring
added to make it work, I did save the two plugs from the donor truck.

The Instrument Cluster with faces removed, once the faces are off, the cluster are the same.
The Speed-o-meter of the Big truck speed-o goes to 80 mph while the light truck
speed-o goes to 100 mph. You'll need to transplant the 100 mph cluster to the big
truck set up, but that's not too hard as you will use it in place of either cluster
with out any changes. All the changes will be made to one or the other clusters
from the Big Truck Panel. Now you can mix & Match the gauges. You can see how I
arranged the gauges in my Instrument Cluster for my 1 ton. I put the Speed-o in the
Right cluster, & the tach in the Left, as this is how they are placed in my 1994 GMC.
I also have 8 tell tail lights with this set up. I would rather have a volt meter
than an amp meter, so I'll be switching that out when I figure out how to do it &
make it look stock. Can't think of too many other gauges I would need on my 1 ton,
but any more & I'll have to cut holes in the dash.

I removed the 80 mph speed-o from the Left cluster & installed the tach in it's place.
The tach was in the Right cluster with the water & fuel gauge, but when using the light
truck cluster in it's place you need to move the tach to the other side. The other
gauges were left in place. The Tell-tail light were rearranged to suite my needs.

The faces are reinstalled on the clusters & they are ready to be placed into the dash insert.
At this point you can put either one on either side, just remember to hook the stock harness
plug to the back of the light truck cluster. The other cluster will need to be custom wired
into your truck, but That's a whole nother project!!! Once you have finished your Instrument
Cluster, you should have something that looks like the Photo above.
See All the Custom GMC Gauge Cluster <~~~There, including Richard Rusconi Cluster.

For info on Stock Dash Gauge Cluster, Click here.

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