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The "Breakthrough Engineering" Trucks!

The Truck Triumph Of The 60's. GMC's Truck Built V6 Engine,

The ENGINE that had to be BETTER so it had to be DIFFERENT!

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This Site is Dedicated to the Memory of Both Chris LeDoux & Sam Roe.

WebSite Started January 2000, Our 12th Year!


Please Read ALL The Information Below Before Asking Questions

This WebSite was setup because there was no Information for 1960-66 GMC Trucks or 1960-1974
GMC Built Big Block V6 Engines on the Internet. This is my Favorite Body style of GMC Trucks.
These Trucks also are the GMC Big Block V6 Powered Trucks. I'm going to try to cover "ALL"
The 1960-66 GMC Trucks Model, this includes, Pickups, Suburban, Panels & Handi-Vans, even
Step-Vans if I can find the info. Both of the Tilt Cabs, the "F-Model" or "Crackerbox" 48" tilt
cab & 72" steel tilt "L-Model". The ugly COE type truck, the "B-Model". Heck I'll even Try to
have some School Bus & Flat Face Cowl models if I can find the info. Sorry but I have drawn the
line on GMC Transit & Over the Road Buses from the 60s, unless they are Big Block V6 Powered,
as this would take another whole site to cover, (& there are plenty out there now).

Are you a 1960-1966 GMC Truck Owner? Or Do you Own a Vehicle powered by a GMC Built Big
Block V6, Twin-six (V12) or the 637 cid V8? How about a GMC Toro-Flow Diesel Engine? If so then
you'll want to be part of this National Group of Owners of these Great GMC Trucks & Engines.
Click on the Banner below to get full details on how to sign up.

The National 6066 GMC Truck Club.

Standard Disclaimer:
I may have a WebSite about 1960-66 GMC trucks, but it does not make me an Expert on them.
I may be able to help you with your questions, but I don't know it all, this is why I started
the National 6066 GMC Truck Club. With the help of the folks that are members of this group, I
have put together this wonderful WebSite about 1960-66 GMC Trucks. You are welcome to look over
all the pages here, just remember that this is a "Hobby" for me, & I don't make a living off this
site, so If you find any info of use here, & wish to help support this site, goto the "Support"
page to make a donation. This is not required & this site is FREE to all that wish to use it.

~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~

We don't sell parts. We don't sell much of anything, Actually. This isn't an online store. We're more of
a "Virtual Garage" -- a place to hang out & learn stuff about "6066 GMC Trucks". We have knowledge
& we share it for free. Feel free to join the National 6066 GMC Truck Club, its FREE.

Sure, we have lots of information, from a Gallery of old trucks to a virtual National Club where you can
get help finding those elusive parts to complete your projects. Heck, we even have a Discussion Group
where you can ask questions, post ideas or just shoot the bull about 6066 GMC Trucks.

Help Support This Site!!!

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or by buying some of the 6066 GMC Trucks Items or Photo CDs Offered.
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I will not be taking any New Memberships for 2008, I have fallen way behind with the
Membership packets for 2007, as you mite know they have not been done of sent out.
Any one that has paid a membership in 2007 will received something at some point, but
It looks to be during the 2008 calendar year. all memberships for 2007 will be extended
to 2008. Please feel free to send in Donations, but membership will be ended in 2008.
A list of Paid Members by State can be seen here.

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Click Above For All the Latest Updates & New Stuff Added to the Site
Most all pages of The 6066 GMC Trucks Site are list below in the Table, which
is set up in sections like Drive-train, Truck Identification, Memorabilia, &
Lighting & Electrical. Just look under those sections for what you need to know.
Can't find it? Use the "Control+F" key to search the page. Still no luck?
Use the Quick links at the top of each page to go to the Contact Page.

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GMC Big Block V6

GMC Drive-Train
Data Pages

GMC Twin-Six V12

1960-1974 GMC V6 & V12 Engine Data

GMC's Twin-Six V-12 Engine!

1960-1966 GMC's Inline 6 Engines

Powered by GMC V12 Engines

GMC Diesel Engine Data Page

GMC Twin-Six V12 Myths

Carburator Data Page

1965 Article GMC Irrigation Engines

GMC Toro-Flow Diesels

GMC Twin-Six V-12 Registry

GMC Transmission Data

Powered by GMC V6 Engines

GMC Drive Axle Data

Spicer 5831 Aux Transmission

Installing Dual Stromberg 97's

6066 GMC Truck Identification

1960-1966 GMC Suspension Systems ID

GMC 3500-7000 Year & Model Information

GMC/Armbruster/Stageway Suburbans

1964-1966 GMC Handi-Van info

GMC Emblems & Custom Trucks Info

Stock GMC Dash Instrument Cluster ID

GMC Crackerbox (F-Model) Trucks

1960-1974 GMC L-Model Trucks

GMC Vs. Chevrolet Differences

6066 GMC Guy's
GMC Hubcap/Wheel Cover Identification

Arthur Throckmorton's
GMC Hubcaps, Wheel Covers & Rims

6066 GMC Truck Club Pages

5 Year Anniversary Jamboree

American Truck Historical Society

National 6066 GMC Truck Museum???

Rocky Mountain Chapter ATHS

6066 GMC Memorabilia

1965 Article GMC Irrigation Engines

6066 GMC Truck 2 Page Ads

6066 GMC Truck 4 Page Ads

Jolly's Library of Manuals

6066 GMC Maintenance Manuals

1959 Article, GMC V6 Engines

GMC's Tower Of Power

6066 GMC Owners -- VIN Listings

Lighting & Electrical Projects
&/or Demons in Your GMC

Installing Fog Lights

Installing Cornering Lamps

Rear Fog Light Project

GMC Trucks Cargo Lights

HeadLight Trouble Shooting

Park/Tail/Stop Light Trouble Shooting

Custom Instrument Panel

Turn Signal Systems

Install the Delco-Remy 12SI Alternator

Trans Temp Gauge

Wiring Diagrams

Projects For Your GMC

GMC V6 Performance Upgrades

Front Disc Brake Conversion on GMC 2500

Miscellaneous Stuff

Jolly's GMC & Chevy Trucks
& Farmall Tractors

2006 Chevrolet HHR Wagon LT

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